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Letter From International


Have you ever driven down the road and run upon a hitchhiker? Most of the time, their thumb is giving a clear message:

“If you furnish the car, the gas, the time and do the driving, I’ll ride with you. But if you think I’m going to pitch in for gas, you’re out of your mind. By the way, if you have an accident and I’m hurt, I’ll sue you for all you got.”

We have hitchhikers in our Union too. In one way or another they’re saying:

“If you supply the protection of a contract, negotiate that contract, protect me at work, get me fair and decent wages, health benefits, and hours of work, I’ll ride. But you’re crazy if you think I’m going to get involved and help you make this a better place to work. And by the way, if anything happens that irritates me, you’ll hear from me.”

Think about it – are you just thumbing a free ride? Or can you do a little more to help us all out?