Ironworker Safety Director Training Course

March 26-30, 2018 Ironworker Safety Director Training Course, Local 22 Training Center in Indianapolis, IN

I am happy to announce the "Ironworker Safety Director Training Course (IWSDTC)" is scheduled at the Local 22 Training Facility in Indianapolis, IN on March 26-30, 2018. This course is being provided in conjunction with Bill Woodward, President of the District Council of Southern Ohio and Vicinity. There is no charge for this course, we are reaching-out to members wanting to pursue a safety position with our contractors, and to signatory contractors who want to designate company personnel to receive this training. In response to evaluations from previous courses throughout the United States and Canada, we have expanded the course to provide the following upgrades and changes.

The course has been extended from 30 hours to 40 hours to provide more classroom and hands-on instruction
The course will require 5 days and 8 hours of instruction Monday through Friday
A series of written examinations will be provided at the end of each of the 10 courses to document competency
The 3M - Capital Fall Protection course will offer each participant an “Authorized Person Certification” upon completion

The IWSDTC is part of the “2018 ZERO Fatality- Incident Campaign” commissioned by General President Dean to raise the standard of safety performance throughout the United States and Canada. We have Ironworker members with great knowledge and skill, and we want to make this course available to those who elect to pursue a safety position with our signatory contractors. Assuming the role of a corporate safety director and managing comprehensive safety programs for several projects requires additional basic training and new skill sets.

Following is a link for registration and the location of the Local 22 Training Center. We have also secured a block of rooms at a nearby hotel at a reduced rate to help those who are attending from out of town. We will be providing breakfast and lunch each day at the Local 22 Training Center.

To register for the Ironworker Safety Director Training course, click here.

Local 22 Training Center
5600 Dividend Rd, Suite B
Indianapolis, IN 46241

Courtyard Indianapolis Airport
2602 Fortune Cir Dr E
Indianapolis, IN 46241

Phone: (317) 248-0300

(Located .9 miles from the Training Center)

Please contact Christie Rose at (847) 795-1714 if you have any questions or difficulty registering for this course.

Please support Ohio house bill # 127.Welding and Safety. 

If this bill passes it will stop companies from cheating the system and putting our children, the public and our workers in harms way by using fake welding certifications.

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As never before in history, we are opening our doors to recruit and welcome new members through active organizing.

To bring union work, wages and benefits to Ironworkers requires all of us (union and non-union) to know our rights and be willing to take action to exercise them. Only then will we be able to win power for all construction workers, our families and communities.

We hope to extend the union work, wages, benefits and training opportunities enjoyed by union construction workers to the entire Southern Ohio & vicinity market. We'll do this by demanding that the competing contractors - including yours - become union at the same time, so that all workers' wages rise together, and contractors gain an even field for competition.

The Union Handbook describes the advantages of being union, spells out good wages, benefits and training opportunities that building trades union members have struggled to achieve.

When you contact trained organizers at the Ironworkers, we will work with you and your co-workers to unionize your employer so that you can become union members. We'll help you learn about your rights during union organizing as well as your rights to overtime pay and safer job sites. We can help expose unscrupulous contractors who exploit or cheat workers and their customers.

We believe that the construction work in our area should work for all of us. Together we can build a secure future for all construction workers that includes good wages, benefits and working conditions.

Quarterly District Council Meeting

Ralph Copley, Jr., Business Manager/FST, Iron Workers Local Union No.22 and William A. Woodward, President presenting ECI Erectors an appreciation plaque

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Robert J. Kara, Business Manager/FST, Iron Workers Local Union No. 292 and William A. Woodward, President presenting Hoosier Crane Service Company with an appreciation plaque

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Ron Starkey, Business Manager/FST, Iron Workers Local Union No. 147 and William A. Woodward, President presenting Smith Erectors, Inc. with an appreciation plaque